Hi there, my name is Emily and I design and create rubber stamps. I like to create something a bit more alternative than the mass produced stamps on the market; my favourite images to carve are skulls and cupcakes, hence the name Skull and Cross Buns!

The stamps

My stamps fall into three categories, hand-carved, artisan grey and photo-polymer stamps... don't worry, I shall explain! 

  • The pink hand carved rubber stamps are not only designed by me but each individually hand carved into rubber by myself using a technique similar to lino cutting.  Every stamp will be ever so slightly different as they are all created by hand so each stamp is truly unique. 
  • The grey artisan rubber stamps are created to my designs and moulded here in the UK by one of the top stamp making companies in the country.  This enables me to get more detail in than the hand carved stamps and they are still hand trimmed and cushion mounted to the wooden mounts by myself.
  • The photo-polymer stamps (coming soon!) are hand produced in-house again to negatives I design and create on my computer then I develop the specialist gel under UV light to create a solid stamp (almost like developing a photo in a darkroom).  Again these are hand trimmed and cushion mounted to the wooden mounts by myself.

 All three types of stamps essentially do the same thing... create a gorgeous printed image when dabbed with ink.


These rubber stamps are great for personalising your own greetings cards, scrapbook pages, gift wrap, business cards, stationery, wedding invites etc. There are a fantastic array of ink pads available to enable you to stamp your image on paper, wood, fabric, ribbon, shrink plastic and much more besides.

Not a crafter? How about a stamp for a teacher appreciation gift, a gift to give to children to personalise their bookplates or a unique wedding present which won't be on the list!

About Me

I live in South Devon with my two boys and our rather aloof tabby cat, Ronnie.  Art and design is in my blood, my dad was an architect and a talented artist; his aunt and her siblings were very talented painters too.  My mum is a clever textile artist and decorates the most beautiful cakes and her sister is a talented papercrafter and keen rubber stamper; I grew up surrounded my much creativity!  I studied Retail Management at university and have a strong career background in retail and customer service but always yearned to combine my creative and business skills.

I have always used rubber stamps in my crafting since I was a child and wanted some way to reproduce my own designs.  I came across the hand carving technique which took me back to Lino cutting at school.  I loved the quality of the rubber and how satisfying it was to carve, the printed results it gave and the fact that I could incorporate lots of small and fiddly detail.  From this Skull and Cross Buns started its humble roots selling hand carved rubber stamps in my Etsy shop in September 2009, moving also to Notonthehighstreet.com in Oct 2010, to attracting extensive press coverage, to getting my designs manufactured, culminating today with my own site!

Happy stamping!

Emily x