angel policy and stamp care

Angel Policy

I adopt an 'angel' policy on my stamps, please feel free to use them to hand stamp on your craftwork which is produced to be sold IN SMALL PRODUCTIONS RUNS ONLY and I would love to see what you do with them! All I ask is that the images are not reproduced or copied in any form by any means, graphic, electronic, or mechanical, including photocopying.  If you can give me credit for the design

Any stamp designed by Skull and Cross Buns (including custom designs) may not then form a part of the buyer's logo, banner etc without expressed written permission as this will be classed as reproduction as per the Angel Policy.

Stamp Care

The stamp you receive may vary very slightly from the picture shown in the listing, such is the nature of it being hand carved! I always work from the same master copy, though.

Please also note the stamp you receive may have some ink residue; this is from the testing the image quality whilst carving but I will clean them thoroughly as I can anyway. Some ink pads can stain the rubber I use but as long as the stamp is nice and clean any staining will not affect your stamping.

A couple of hints and tips, the rubber I use produces the best results with pigment and water based inks such as the ones I sell but dye based inks tend to 'bead' up on the rubber and produce a poor image. It is also advised to avoid solvent based inks such as Stazon as they can potentially perish the rubber with continued use.

The stamps are easy to clean the same way as you do other stamps, with baby wipes, liquid soap and water or specialist stamp cleaning fluids.  DO NOT RUB the stamp clean as this may cause damage to the stamp, gently dab clean only.

Food Safety

I keep getting asked but I DON'T CLASS MY HAND CARVED RUBBER STAMPS AS FOOD SAFE.  Due to the carving technique there can be rough bits in the grooves due to the tools I use so parts could potentially come loose if being used other than a stamp on paper plus the rubber can react with alcohol/solvents used in baking/cake decorating etc.